Commercials + Campaigns


Are you launching a product or service? Do you need to establish or tell your brand story for the first time? Is your established brand expanding or pivoting? These are moments where a discrete video + photo campaign is needed. We work with businesses to create campaigns that will meet marketing and advertising goals. Your business is unique and your content should reflect the individuality of your efforts.

A few things we’ll want to know when you reach out:


A little about yourself

What is your product, service or big idea? Why do you care about it and how is it unique? The more we understand you and your efforts, the better we’re able to visually tell your story.


Scope of the project

Every business has to start telling their story somewhere. Are you telling your story on video for the first time? Are you refreshing your brand with an anthem video? Or do you need to continue building off an established look and feel? All of the above are good with us.  


How involved you want us to be

We’re used to, and very comfortable, shepherding projects from creative inception to completion. Most of the videos you see we conceived of, wrote, directed and edited. Sometimes, however, a client or an agency will come to us with an idea already approved. In these cases, we are happy to play the traditional role of a production company and bring the project to life through producing, directing, editing and supervising post-production.


Next steps

We come up with a creative treatment. This is a document that outlines how we want to tell your story. If you like it and it’s within your budget, we’re in business. From there, we handle all the nitty-gritty production details involved in preparing for a shoot. We’ll keep you in the loop with frequent updates. On the creative side, you can be as involved as you like. Turn us loose and look forward to a final product, or participate onset and help shape the edit. Our goal is to produce great videos and a great experience for you along the way.


Budget and timeline

Generally these videos take 6-8 weeks to produce from beginning to end. If you have a hard deadline, we need to know. It also helps to know what you have set aside, budget-wise, for the project. We pride ourselves on doing great work at various price points, but the budget decides the scale of the work. We won’t spend time dreaming up helicopter shots of car races if the budget doesn’t allow for it. If you’re ready to get started, please reach out with a brief email, introducing yourself and your project.