Ann Sacks has been in the business of making high quality, innovative tile since 1980.

The problem they were facing in 2013 was simple: When you look at these tiles you see how beautiful they are, but you can't hear their stories. You can’t see the work that went into designing them or see how they were created.

Ann Sacks enlisted me to tell these stories in a series of four videos. I traveled all over the US, documenting the craft and skill of their designers.

The videos were part of an email campaign to promote the tiles and inspire new customers.

This campaign was so successful I worked with Ann Sacks again in 2014. This time, I directed several videos, introducing their collaboration with Martyn Lawrence Bullard of Million Dollar Designer.

In addition to the videos that detail the design and inspiration of each line, I directed and edited a “premiere video” teasing the collaboration. This fashion-inspired video set the tone for these high-end tiles and married the style and panache of Martyn to the fresh designs in this collaboration. See a couple of the Martyn Lawrence Bullard videos below.