I am primarily a commercial director, but over the last two years I have been focusing more and more on still photography for client and personal work. 

Last May I had a hunch that there were plenty of other creative professionals out there–photographers, stylists, makeup artists, models, art directors, creative directors–who wanted to dedicate more time to producing portfolio-worthy personal projects. My old pal and fellow photographer, Jeremy Pair, and I decided it was worth exploring and we founded a weekly photography get together to make this happen. Tuesday was the day. Both of us have offices on Tillamook Street. Tuesdays on Tillamook was born.

Rarely do we miss a week of rallying a self-selected group of creatives and doing our best to make art at our TonT sessions. Below are a few samples of the work I created there. 

If you're interested in participating, please reach out. We love having new people with fresh a perspective.