Camera packages and Operator Rates

Do you need a camera operator who owns a great camera?

Whether you need a b-camera for your narrative or commercial shoot, or you've got some b-roll that needs to be shot, you've come to the right place. 

Video equipment list:

• Arri Alexa Mini
• Zeiss ZE prime lenses: 28, 50 makro, 85
• MVF-1 Alexa Mini Viewfinder
• Starlite HD 5" OLED Monitor
• Support accessories including: adapter plate, rods, wooden camera A-box, center camera handle, batteries, shoulder mount, hi-hat, tripod, etc.


• Camera, support package + lenses: $1,400/day
• Camera + operator, assistant, support package + lenses: $2,500/day


Photo equipment list:

• EOS Digital Canon 5d s, 6d
• Zeiss ZE prime lenses: 28, 50 makro, 85
• Support accessories including tripod, shoulder rig (video), batteries, memory cards, etc.
• Paul Buff lighting: Einstein 640, Alien B 800, cybercommander and transceiver, beauty dish, reflectors, etc.
• Film cameras: (medium format) Pentax 67, Bronica 645 rf, (35mm) Canon 1n, Olympus XA


• Photographer, assistant, camera, lens + lighting package: $1,500/day

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