Four + One Productions is a full-service production company. We find that most of our customers need three types of services: campaigns, social media content or owner/camera operator shooting. Here is more information to help you decide which service may best fit your needs. 


Are you launching a product or service? Do you need to establish or tell your brand story for the first time? Is your established brand expanding or pivoting? These are moments where a discrete video + photo campaign is needed. We work with businesses to create a campaign that will help you meet your marketing and advertising goals. Here are some samples of campaign work we have done in the past.

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Do you have an established brand voice and marketing plan? Are you serious about engaging your audience using video and photo storytelling with consistency? Do you struggle to produce all the content you need with your in-house team? We work with clients like this to create long-term production plans and produce content within marketing budgets, without sacrificing quality. Here are some samples of ongoing content.  

For more information about video + photo for social media, click here


You have a shoot coming up and could use a second camera, or you need b-roll or an interview shot. You’ve done all the prep work and can handle the edit, all you need is a really great camera and an operator. We do that too. Click here to see camera equipment and rental rates.